Softwood for different end use. Sizes and lengths in customer's option, also dried (kd), planed (s4s), fingerjointed (f/j) and/or laminated. The available species are spruce, fir pine, douglas fir and larch.

For example:

Scantlings, battens, laths, squares, boards and construction timber for the building industry.

Planed goods in different profiles. E.g. 1x12'' and 1x10'' boards in 2common quality or 2x12'' #2&btr in lengths up to 32'. Further 2x4 and 2x6'' PET Studs.

Edge glued panels for outside and/or inside use, or for the furniture industry.

Timber for the packaging and pallet industry.

Fingerjointed and laminated products for the prefabricated house industry.